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Bank credit opinions about payday pay and review.

There are still many tools in the Financial Technologies sector that are designed to help borrowers decide on a loan and make a commitment that will fully satisfy them. One of them is the Losycredit website, which acts as an intermediary between borrowers and loan companies. If you are interested in an installment loan, it is worth getting acquainted with the Losycredit website, which will help us choose a non-banking institution that will provide an offer tailored to our needs.

Losycredit – invaluable help when applying for a loan

Losycredit - invaluable help when applying for a loan

Losycredit is a website that collects information about potential clients of loan companies and their initial verification. On the company’s website we will find an application, after which a virtual customer profile will be created. Then the application will be taken over by the lender who will be able to offer us the loan that we applied for.

Checking multiple offers

Thanks to the collected information, Losycredit can direct our application and make us establish cooperation with the appropriate loan company. The company does everything to facilitate lending to customers. It strives to ensure that they receive a commitment that will have attractive conditions and no problems with repayment. Through this website, the interested party submits an application that is processed and evaluated by lenders cooperating with Losycredit. All work is done for the person concerned – instead of submitting several applications to various companies, he submits one that will be evaluated by many companies.

Step by step application process

Step by step application process

The application process is clear and meaningful. Losycredit has developed such an application system to make it fast and easy for consumers. To begin your commitment to commitment, you must go through four simple steps. We start by completing the loan data, i.e. choose the amount and the loan period. At this point, we are also asked to provide your basic personal data, such as name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address. After confirmation we will be directed to the second step, called “personal data”. Here, we are required to complete fields such as marital status, PESEL number, identity card series and number, account number, and full bank name.

Creditworthiness testing by Losycredit

The third stage of application is a very important step, because our creditworthiness will be assessed in it. The website asks us to complete very detailed data – probably because each loan company has its own system of assessing clients’ credibility and draws attention to various aspects. Losycredit is designed to take into account the criteria of all lenders. At this point, information relevant is regarding education, place and form of residence, sum of income and type of contract. In step four, creditworthiness assessment is continued. We are asked to provide information that will allow the lender to determine whether our income and employment will allow us to pay back the loan systematically. The name and address of the workplace, position, duration of employment and the day of receiving the salary will be important here.

How Losycredit works

How Losycredit works

Thanks to the Losycredit website, our application goes to many lenders – so we save time, and the loan application process significantly speeds up. The portal will prove useful when you are not sure which loan company to choose. The website of the portal is very easy to navigate and we can easily find information we are interested in. Pros include the option of submitting a free application and no registration. The speed of applying is also affected by the fact that you do not need to attach any documents. The minimum loan amount that we can apply for is PLN 100, and the maximum is PLN 15,000. As for the loan period, it is very flexible, because the shortest is 1 month and the longest 36 months. However, the Losycredit offer also has its drawbacks. The main is the lack of a hotline – we can contact the service only by email. It is also difficult to find loan companies that cooperate with the portal and grant obligations – we don’t really know which lenders our application will go to.

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